Fantastic Story

What a fantastic story: “Did this unassuming small-town couple steal a $160 million Willem de Kooning painting?”

How Time Measurement Changed Society

Interesting observation from Om Malik on how time (measurement) changed our society: About a century ago there was a disagreement between philosopher Henri Bergson and physicist Albert Einstein on what...

Did blogs ruin the web?

On, Tim Carmody asks: Did blogs ruin the web? Or did the web ruin blogs?

Micheal Kenna's beautiful trees

The Guardian published a beautiful gallery of landscape photographer Michael Kenna’s magical trees From the lakes of Hokkaido to the forests of Abruzzo, the British photographer has scoured the world’s...

Egg In Salad Emoji

Google removes egg from salad emoji to make it inclusive to vegans, the internet reacts. Isn’t that great? 😉