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Soon, satellites will be able to watch you everywhere all the time. Can privacy survive?

Commercial satellite imagery is currently in a sweet spot: powerful enough to see a car, but not enough to tell the make and model; collected frequently enough for a farmer to keep tabs on crops’ health, but not so often that people could track the comings and goings of a neighbor. This anonymity is deliberate. US federal regulations limit images taken by commercial satellites to a resolution of 25 centimeters, or about the length of a man’s shoe. (Military spy satellites can capture images far more granular, although just how much more is classified.)

But that will change soon.

Ton Zylstra maakt een belangrijk punt:

If you make a statement about someone or something other than yourself or your personal opinions, you need to back it up with a link to supporting material.

Screenshots van webpagina’s of tweets zijn onvoldoende, want makkelijk te faken.

A camera can serve as a passport to other lives and cultures but it also paradoxically stands between the photographer and the world. ‘We’re not participating, we’re observing,’ Miller says. ‘We’re trying to be inconspicuous; we’re trying to be “not there,” but there. So it’s a pretty lonely life.’” – Kerry Tremain