Kashmir Hill:

The privacy paranoid among us have long worried that all of our online photos would be scraped to create a universal face recognition app. My friends, it happened and it’s here. I'm not sure which is scarier/more desirable. An app that puts a name to a face in seconds, or an app that shows you all the online photos of you that you didn't realize were there. This app does both, but only law enforcement has access to it, for now.

Clearview AI heeft 3 miljard foto’s van internet verzameld, daar gezichtsherkenningssoftware op losgelaten, en biedt dit nu aan politie en justitie aan als oplossing om snel mensen te kunnen identificeren.

“It’s creepy what they’re doing, but there will be many more of these companies. There is no monopoly on math,” said Al Gidari, a privacy professor at Stanford Law School. “Absent a very strong federal privacy law, we’re all screwed.”

We wisten dat het eraan zat te komen. Maar nu zijn we echt screwed.