Tree (155/365) πŸ“·

Freedom fire and veteran (126/366) πŸ“·

Freedom fire in the background, yellow tulips and veterans talking to interested people on Liberation Day in the Netherlands

More diagonals (125/366) πŸ“·

Dark diagonal shadows in a stack of large bags.

Stripes (124/366) πŸ“·

Two maki’s sitting on the ground, with their striped tails pointing left and right.

Live the life you love… (123/366) πŸ“·

The wall of a building, with the following text painted on it: Live the life you love, love the life you live.

Flying a kite (122/366) πŸ“·

Girl flying a kite on the beach

Road block (121/366) πŸ“·

Polder sky (120/366) πŸ“·

Road leading away to the horizon under a blue sky with a few clouds

Church (119/366) πŸ“·

Church with cemetery in front of it.

Visum Mundi (118/366) πŸ“·

Firemen in action (117/366) πŸ“·

Vehicle of the fire department on a bridge in Leiden, with firemen standing on top and in front of it.

Windmill (116/366) πŸ“·

Silhouet of a classic windmill against a cloudy sky.

No parking (115/366) πŸ“·

No parking indication on a wooden gate to a garden, surrounded by leaves.

Stream & reed (114/366) πŸ“·

Small stream with a tree in the background, reflecting in the water, with reed on both sides.

Shadows & silhouettes (113/366) πŸ“·

Sun and shadow lines created by the pillars of a small shopping gallery. With silhouettes of people waiting for busses disrupting the structure of the shadow pillars.

Tree puddle (112/366) πŸ“·

Tree reflection in a puddle on a cycle path. Moody black and white, eight before a rain shower.

Loempia’s (111/366) πŸ“·

Street stall with the text β€˜Vietnamese loempia’s’ on it reflected in a puddle. And a man with a bicycle walking on the street. &10;

Celebrating (110/366) πŸ“·

A burning candle shaped as a nine. On top of a mountain of chocolate, strawberries, and pastries.

Unclear (109/366) πŸ“·

Out-of-focus photo with unclear dark and light spots

After the soaking wet rain (108/366) πŸ“·