Learning a little every day

Tim Harford:

Some meetings are to transfer information, some to allow discussion and some to reach a decision or resolve a problem. There are committee meetings that exist to satisfy some rule or regulation. I am on such a committee, and find it useful as a reminder not to sign up for any other committees. Then there are the meetings that exist purely for the sake of meeting. Don’t dismiss them; there’s nothing wrong with consenting adults enjoying a coffee break together. There doesn’t always need to be a reason.

This article almost got lost among all of the 144 (!) browser tabs on my phone. In it, Benedict Evans highlights how a few different technical developments are coming together allowing computers to see

The combination of a flood of cheap image sensors coming out of the smartphone supply chain with computer vision based on machine learning means that all sorts of specialized inputs are being replaced by imaging plus Machine Learning.

It will take some years, but computers will learn to understand and act upon visual inputs, instead of just capturing them. And that will change computing again.

In Put down the self-help books. Resilience is not a DIY endeavour, Michael Ungar explains which factors are important for personal resilience:

Striving for personal transformation will not make us better when our families, workplaces, communities, health-care providers and governments fail to provide us with sufficient care and support. The science shows that all the internal resources we can muster are seldom of much use without a nurturing environment. Furthermore, if those resources are not immediately at hand, we are better off trying to change our world to gain those resources than we are trying to change ourselves.

Do read the entire article.