Going up (63/366) 📷

Cheese! (62/366) 📷

IXIXI (61/366) 📷

Claudia (60/366) 📷

Decor van Claudia de Breij’s voorstelling in zwart-wit

Treeflections (59/366) 📷

Reflections of 2 tall trees in the water

Diagonally (58/366) 📷

Diagonal lines crisscross on the pavement, from shadows and street markings.

Potsdamer Platz (57/366) 📷

Cyclist next to the S-bahn sign at Potsdamer Platz, with the empty road and high buildings in the background.

Karl-Marx-Allee (56/366) 📷

The broad Karl-Marx-Allee in Berlin, with the Fernsehturm in the background.

Bundesministerium der Finanzen (55/366) 📷

Building of the German Finance Ministry, with a Ukrainian flag on top to commemorate the 2 year war.

Bank of the river Spree (54/366) 📷

Buildings on the bank of the river Spree, with the Fernsehturm in the background.

Deutsche Post & Fernsehturm (53/366) 📷

A Deutsche Post bike courier on the road, with in the background the Berlin Fernsehturm.

350 bar WASSERSTOFF (52/366) 📷

Hydrogen tank station with the text “350 bar wasserstoff”

Uninspired / bird atop in the tree (51/366) 📷

Empty field with a tree in de background. Bird sitting atop the tree.

Eye (50/366) 📷

Eye shape in the bark of a tree

PWA irritated

I must confess Apple’s decision to break Web Apps (PWA’s) in the EU has me more than irritated. There are loads of projects where we could finally try to provide cross platforms PWA’s after they finally started supporting them last year, and now this. Please fill in the Open Web Advocacy’s survey if it’s affecting your projects or organization.

On a personal level, I will plan a switch to more open alternatives if this decision isn’t withdrawn. That will be a major hassle, with iPhone, AirPods and an Apple Watch to replace. But worth it.

No trespassing (Dutch: “Verboden toegang”) 49/366 📷

No trespassing sign in front of a classic farm house in the rain. In black and white.

Tree & horse (48/366) 📷

A large tree and a horse standing in front of it. In black and white.

QWERTY ASDF ZXC (47/366) 📷

(Yes, I didn’t get far from my laptop for most of the day. 😉)

Waiting under arches (46/366) 📷

People waiting patiently under arches, in black and white.

Küchenprofi (45/366) 📷

Detail of a metal lid of a cooking pot, with the word “Küchenprofi” visible.