Less dependent on the Apple ecosystem

It’s interesting to see how the Apple tech press and pundits are all framing the removal of iOS 18 and macOS features as the EU’s fault for interfering in Apple’s software development and UX.

While from a European perspective markets are being regulated, and Apple is behaving like a disgruntled teenager.

Take-away for me: Apple is not a company that we Europeans can build on like people in the US can. And I need to lessen my dependence on Apple and its services like iCloud.

Over the last 14 years, the different Apple products added value for me so I got deeper and deeper into that ecosystem. But I’ve gotten less comfortable with this situation, due to recent decisions. So I’m looking at alternatives, slowly but steadily. It’s an interesting journey.

Manuel Morale is right:

RSS is great and if you’re using RSS in 2024 you’re an awesome person.

And it’s time for the 1st day of the Public Spaces Conference in Amsterdam!

Hmm, the Bartender Mac app changed ownership, added telemetry in the latest release and didn’t communicate about it upfront. That is not boding well.

Cloudy sky above a field (daily photo). 📷

Street name and traffic sign in front of a field, under a cloudy sky.

Tree (155/365) 📷

Freedom fire and veteran (126/366) 📷

Freedom fire in the background, yellow tulips and veterans talking to interested people on Liberation Day in the Netherlands

More diagonals (125/366) 📷

Dark diagonal shadows in a stack of large bags.

Stripes (124/366) 📷

Two maki’s sitting on the ground, with their striped tails pointing left and right.

Live the life you love… (123/366) 📷

The wall of a building, with the following text painted on it: Live the life you love, love the life you live.

Flying a kite (122/366) 📷

Girl flying a kite on the beach

Road block (121/366) 📷

Polder sky (120/366) 📷

Road leading away to the horizon under a blue sky with a few clouds

Church (119/366) 📷

Church with cemetery in front of it.

Visum Mundi (118/366) 📷

Firemen in action (117/366) 📷

Vehicle of the fire department on a bridge in Leiden, with firemen standing on top and in front of it.

Windmill (116/366) 📷

Silhouet of a classic windmill against a cloudy sky.

No parking (115/366) 📷

No parking indication on a wooden gate to a garden, surrounded by leaves.

Stream & reed (114/366) 📷

Small stream with a tree in the background, reflecting in the water, with reed on both sides.

Shadows & silhouettes (113/366) 📷

Sun and shadow lines created by the pillars of a small shopping gallery. With silhouettes of people waiting for busses disrupting the structure of the shadow pillars.