Tree puddle (112/366) πŸ“·

Tree reflection in a puddle on a cycle path. Moody black and white, eight before a rain shower.

Loempia’s (111/366) πŸ“·

Street stall with the text β€˜Vietnamese loempia’s’ on it reflected in a puddle. And a man with a bicycle walking on the street. &10;

Celebrating (110/366) πŸ“·

A burning candle shaped as a nine. On top of a mountain of chocolate, strawberries, and pastries.

Unclear (109/366) πŸ“·

Out-of-focus photo with unclear dark and light spots

After the soaking wet rain (108/366) πŸ“·

Fresh air (107/366) πŸ“·

A ventilation duct in the wall, shiny on one side and darker on the other. In black and white.

Rainy tulip (106/366) πŸ“·

Tulip with raindrops on its leaves, in the centre of the black and white photo.

Last blossoms (before the storm) (105/366) πŸ“·

Detail of apple blossoms on the branch of a tree, in black and white

On the road (104/366) πŸ“·

Shot from a driving car, the lines of a road reflecting the headlights in the dark of the night.

Quarters (103/366) πŸ“·

Round tiles in a lawn, photographed from above.

Diagonal (102/366) πŸ“·

Floor, wall and column all creating diagonal lines in the photo.

Clouds in the sun (101/366) πŸ“·

Landscape with grassland, water and trees in the distance, with beautiful clouds drifting across a sunny sky.

Euromast (100/366) πŸ“·

Looking up at the Euromast in Rotterdam, which is shown at a tilted angle.

Branch of blossoms (99/366) πŸ“·

Branch of blossoms, in black and white

Boardwalk (98/366) πŸ“·

Boardwalk zig-zagging across a floodplain full of grass and plants, with trees in de background.

In bloom (97/366) πŸ“·

Tree in bloom, photographed from rustic roots on the ground to flowers at the top.

Willow (96/366) πŸ“·

Willow tree in the foreground, in a field.

More triangles (95/366) πŸ“·

A floor with a triangle pattern, and legs of people walking past the photographer that are also forming a triangle shape.

Triangles (94/366) πŸ“·

Looking up at detail of a wooden construction, with only triangles visible against a cloudy sky. In black and white.

Triangle (93/366) πŸ“·

The triangle shaped upper floor of a white house, against a dark night sky.