Shark teeth (37/366) πŸ“·

White triangles on a black asphalt road, lined diagonally.

Up ⬆️ (36/366) πŸ“·

Looking up at the sky between two buildings, the light reflecting in windows.

Facade II (35/366) πŸ“·

Facade of an old building, in black and white.

Aging (34/366) πŸ“·

Aging wooden door, in black and white.

Facade (33/366) πŸ“·

Facade of a classically styled building, in black and white.

Drawing in the sky πŸ“·

Lines of clouds drawn across the sky, in black and white.

Still going strong (31/366) πŸ“·

An old, scarred tree trunk in black and white.

Props to all Dry January finishers πŸ“·

Label on a wine bottle, with a silhouette of the bottle behind it

Jagged πŸ“·

Jagged roof of a building against a clear sky, in black and white.

Triangles stacked πŸ“·

Apartment building featuring triangle shapes in black and white.

Steps & lines πŸ“·

Horse’s legs and shadow lines on the ground. In black and white.

Condensed πŸ“·

Condensed tap in black and white

Diagonally πŸ“·

Diagonal lines of a fence and stairs in a dimly lit street scene, in B&W.

MINI hood πŸ“·

Hood of a MINI, in black and white

Triangles and a square πŸ“·

Metal stands shown from above, creating triangles and square patterns in snow.

It’s always the blue one πŸ“·

Package of M&M’s on a light surface, with a single M&M in front of it. In black and white.

CCS Max 400 kW

Detail of an EV charging cable connected to a charger, in black and white.

Tire in the snow πŸ“·

Overgrown car tire in the snow

Alarm button πŸ“· (Dutch: β€œnoodbel”)

Alarm button on a wall

Night sky πŸ“·

Night sky with a dimly lit horizon, showing black silhouettes of trees in front of it. Shown in black & white.