Roots reaching (92/366) πŸ“·

Erratically shaped roots of a fallen down tree reaching for the sky.

Birch (91/366) πŸ“·

Detail of a birch tree, in black and white.

Colourful evening sky (90/366) πŸ“·

A colourful evening sky with clouds highlighted in red and orange against a blue sky. But shown in black and white.

Beans! (89/366) πŸ“·

Coffee beans spread out, filling the frame.

Lines & lights (88/366) πŸ“·

Detail of a steel construction with a transparent glass roof, with a line of lamps disappearing in the distance.

(Almost) balanced (87/366) πŸ“·

Steel construction photographed while looking up at a roof that is almost balanced in a dark and a light part.

Easter egg (86/366) πŸ“·

Easter egg on a branch

Empty rails (85/366) πŸ“·

Train station with no trains on the rails, and buildings in the background.

PE (84/366) πŸ“·

An upright standing concrete stone with the letters P and E on it.

Curved (83/366) πŸ“·

A building with a curved front on the left, and a tree right, with a lawn in between of these.

Queue before the concert (82/366) πŸ“·

Pixies in Paradiso (81/366) πŸ“·

The Pixies on stage in Paradiso Amsterdam, with the crowd in front of it, in black and white.

Magnolia flower (80/366) πŸ“·

Trunk (79/366) πŸ“·

To the clouds (78/366) πŸ“·

Clock tower reaching for the clouds

Cylinders (77/366) πŸ“·

Saturday shopping (76/366) πŸ“·

Moody night (75/366) πŸ“·

Moody, dark silhouet of a tree against the evening sky.

Spring is coming (74/366) πŸ“·

Tree with blossoms, shown slightly tilted in black and white.

Beautiful car (73/366) πŸ“·

Gleaming CitroΓ«n DS, photographed from the front. Shown in black and white.