MINI hood πŸ“·

Hood of a MINI, in black and white

Triangles and a square πŸ“·

Metal stands shown from above, creating triangles and square patterns in snow.

It’s always the blue one πŸ“·

Package of M&M’s on a light surface, with a single M&M in front of it. In black and white.

CCS Max 400 kW

Detail of an EV charging cable connected to a charger, in black and white.

Tire in the snow πŸ“·

Overgrown car tire in the snow

Alarm button πŸ“· (Dutch: β€œnoodbel”)

Alarm button on a wall

Night sky πŸ“·

Night sky with a dimly lit horizon, showing black silhouettes of trees in front of it. Shown in black & white.

Never straight πŸ“·

Diagonal row of bicycle racks in the snow, in black and white.

Automator πŸ“·

Sign saying Automator on top of a 1-story building, shown in B&W.

The only way is up πŸ“·

Looking up a long stairway, in B&W

Cycling away πŸ“·

Cycle path lined by trees, in black and white.

Roots πŸ“·

Roots of a tree above ground, in B&W


Detail of a Nintendo Switch, with the X, Y, A, B buttons in the center

Dentist appointment πŸ˜‰ πŸ“·

Teeth on a skeleton of a prehistoric whale

Flames dancing on wood, in B&W πŸ“·

Whimsical flames in black and white

Hoog water, maar (nog) niet bevroren πŸ“·

Disappearing lines and lights πŸ“·

Bus station Amersfoort, with lines of lights in black and white.

Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen πŸ“·

Reflectie van het Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen in een plas water, in zwart-wit.

Amaryllis in bloom πŸ“·

Amaryllis in bloom, photographed in black and white

Whale spotted πŸ“·